Peru President: Decisions made are proof of commitment to nation

12:53 | Lima, Sep. 19.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed that the decisions he has made so far are an undeniable proof of his commitment to Peru, noting the country has firmly faced great obstacles that hinder progress and development.

In this sense, the Head of State indicated his administration has confronted the problems affecting the nation's development with the same energy and courage that characterizes entrepreneurs

Likewise, the top official pointed out that —in order to build a more just, inclusive, and prosperous nation— it is necessary to strengthen small- and medium-sized enterprises, as well as to help them grow. 

Thus, he mentioned the Fondo Crecer (The Grow Fund) —relying on over S/1 billion (around US$298 million)— was recently put into operation in order to improve the access of micro- and small-sized enterprises to financing through loans and guarantees.

It includes measures such as the development of capabilities for innovation, boost of local and external financing measures, boost to the State's purchasing platform, and modernization the SMEs system, among others. 

Furthermore, he stated the Production Ministry currently promotes an entrepreneurial digital transformation. 

"Our country has begun a process of change, and we must not go back to the past (…). It is in our hands to consolidate this new path, which must be a path towards progress, a better quality of life, equality, transparency, honesty, and well-being for everyone," President Vizcarra added.  


Published: 9/19/2019
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