Peru President: December marks referendum's anniversary

13:52 | Lima, Dec. 2.

President Martin Vizcarra on Monday recalled that December marks the first anniversary of the referendum that allowed citizens to express freely and democratically their decision about the political and judicial reforms introduced by his administration.

The top official said the referendum —held on December 9, 2018— was not merely a process for citizens to say —through their vote— whether or not they agreed with four constitutional reforms in the judicial and political spheres, which had been made available to them by his administration. 

"It was a consultation to provide the State with better tools to combat corruption frontally," he noted.

The President recalled that the results of this process were overwhelming with citizens' participation above 90%.

"Peruvians supported the need for a change in the Justice System in order to end bad practices and fight corruption."

Likewise, citizens rejected money laundering, as well as dirty money in politics. In addition, they asked for more and better control over party financing. They also demanded a profound renewal in politics.

"But, the basic message was even more precise and categorical: Peruvians voted for change and progress, against corruption and impunity. They voted for transparency and honesty, against dark and shady deals," he concluded. 


Published: 12/2/2019
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