Peru President: Constitutional Court's decision allows Govt to continue working intensely

19:00 | Celendin (Cajamarca region), Jan. 14.

The ruling of the Constitutional Court (TC) to declare unfounded the competency claim against the dissolution of Congress confirms that said decision was constitutional and allows the Government to continue working intensely, President Martin Vizcarra affirmed on Tuesday.

"What we have stated permanently is that our administration has always acted respecting the Constitution. Today, the debate and the subsequent vote of the Constitutional Court —the highest interpreter of the Magna Carta— has ratified that the decision taken by the Government on 30 September is constitutional," the Head of State expressed.

The top official said that he had no doubts about the constitutionality of the dissolution of Parliament.

"(…) What we have ahead of us is to continue working as we have been doing since the beginning (March 23, 2018) thru July 28, 2021," he emphasized.

TC ruling

The court voted by show of hands, with four members in favor of rejecting the appeal submitted by former Congress Chairman —and current Permanent Commission Chair— Pedro Olaechea.

Magistrates Eloy Espinoza-Saldaña, Manuel Miranda, and TC Chairwoman Marianella Ledesma supported the presentation of their peer Carlos Ramos, who backed the dissolution of Congress, saying the vote of confidence to the then-Cabinet led by Salvador del Solar was indeed denied on September 30, 2019.

On the other hand, Ernesto Blume, Augusto Ferrero-Costa, and Jose Luis Sardon voted against Ramos' presentation. To them, the claim should have been declared well founded.

In his speech, magistrate Ramos noted that the Executive Branch was competent to introduce a confidence motion to both propose reforms in the Constitutional Court organic law and postpone the election of the court members.

All this was due to a special political situation that the country was going through.

"The refusal of the confidence —requested by the Executive Branch— was clear given that Congress decided not to suspend such an act," he added.

Today's audience was a public one.


Published: 1/14/2020
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