Peru President: Congress to support reforms needed in the country

12:02 | Pucallpa (Ucayali region), Aug. 9.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday projected that —if Congress has listened to the popular clamor— it will support the political and judicial system reforms proposed by the Executive Branch last July.

In this sense, the Head of State affirmed "no one will stop" his administration from making the necessary changes Peru demands

"We are sure this is what the country needs. Besides, we count on citizens' support to implement these reforms (…)," Vizcarra expressed.

As is known, his administration still has three more years to travel around the Inca country, listen to the people's issues, and implement all the necessary reforms

"The task is huge (…). We must work together, authorities and population, in order to make the promised changes to the Judicial Branch (...)," the Head of State added.

Peru's top official will soon submit the three reform initiatives approved by the Council of Ministers last Wednesday.

Remarks were made as Vizcarra announced the financing of a water and sewage megaproject in rainforest Ucayali region.


Published: 8/9/2018