Peru President asks to enforce regulations banning gender pay discrimination

Foto: ANDINA/ Prensa Presidencia

14:28 | Lima, Mar. 8.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski on Thursday called on all sectors to comply with the regulations that prohibit remunerative discrimination between men and women, as well as to report it when it occurs.

"The gender pay equity regulations were released today. I ask you to enforce them, and report [any case] if they are not complied with," the statesman said during the 'Women Building our Autonomy and Development of the Country' event, held in commemoration of International Women's Day.

Also, he encouraged sectors to reflect on the difficult time the country is going through and on the need to always fight and defend themselves.

"Whoever assaults and mistreats women is assaulting and mistreating Peru. Peru will never let itself be mistreated or assaulted," he remarked.

"We continue in the struggle, [and] the struggle keeps on going," the Peruvian leader added.

The activity acknowledged women's leadership, empowerment, and work, as well as their contribution to the country's development and well-being.

Mr. Kuczynski was joined by wife Nancy Lange, Prime Minister Mercedes Araoz, as well as Women and Vulnerable Populations Minister Ana Maria Choquehuanca.


Published: 3/8/2018