Peru: President announces US$24 million to be allocated to soup kitchens

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

20:00 | Lima, Sep. 15.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Wednesday announced a transfer of S/99 million (about US$24 million) to soup kitchens in the capital city with the aim of feeding citizens who depend on food through these organizations.

During a meeting between the Executive Branch and soup kitchen organizations of Lima, the Head of State urged representatives of these organizations to "act transparently and honestly" using those funds.

"Today, we have just allocated S/99 million which will go directly to feed our brothers and sisters, the most vulnerable families," Mr. Castillo expressed.

"Nonetheless, I am surprised that budgets have to go around and through the will of a second or a third (party) to reach the family pot," he added.

In this sense, the top official indicated that this cannot happen because food for families must stop serving political purposes.

The President apologized to soup kitchen members for not having scheduled a meeting earlier. Yet he said his presence means assuming a commitment and great responsibility on the part of the Peruvian State.

"We cannot understand that, despite having so much wealth in the country, it (wealth) is not balanced with development, with filling a pot to give the most sacred (element) to families, such as food," he remarked.

In this sense, the President stated it is not possible that in a country hosting wealth from the Camisea Gas Project, there are families cooking with firewood.

"That is why I have come, to make a commitment to the budget, a commitment made during the campaign (...) You have the (Government) Palace's doors open to meet and denounce any act of corruption," he expressed.

Moreover, the Head of State said the debts being paid off by some companies serve to increase the budget for soup kitchens.

For this reason, Mr. Castillo affirmed that it is a responsibility of the Peruvian State to solve and put an end to the inequalities faced by major cities like Lima.


Published: 9/15/2021
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