Peru President: Agriculture promoted to improve small farmers' quality of life

13:25 | Mochumi (Lambayeque region), Feb. 18.

If we address major works in the productive sector, we will be addressing families' needs by improving their incomes and the population's living standards, Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra said on Tuesday.

His remarks were made as he inspected the functioning of the water service for the irrigation of Mochumi channel in Lambayeque province.

According to the Head of State, taking into account that 25% of Peruvians rely on agriculture, the Government has taken concrete actions to boost the development of this sector, which has been unattended for decades.

"Not only should we boost export agriculture, which generates progress and revenues for the country. We also have to attend the needs of small farmers who own crops they grow for their own family consumption and sell only small surplus to the market. Therefore, it is important to increase such surplus for them to achieve higher incomes," he pointed out.

As part of the actions taken to promote the development of family farming, the President affirmed that an ambitious hydraulic infrastructure plan is being implemented. 

Precisely, the improvement of Mochumi channel in Lambayeque region is a glimpse of the major works in the productive sector, which are set to benefit nearly 5,000 families.

He emphasized that maintenance works in the irrigation channel were carried out using innovative and robust technology.

"Water is scarce in the country, mainly along the Coast. Therefore, we must dam it to make the best use of it, supply it to agricultural land, and provide it for the population's consumption," he explained.


Published: 2/18/2020
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