Peru praises participation of naturalized athletes at Lima 2019

14:49 | Lima, Aug. 13.

The National Superintendence of Migrations praised the performance of naturalized Peruvian athletes during the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

Of particular note was the participation of Venezuela-born judoka Yuliana Vanessa Bolivar, who won bronze for Peru at the so-called "best Pan American Games in history."

Venezuela's Eyzer Antony Mujica Gil and Daniel Jose Ramirez Martinez, as well as Cuba's Katia Coello Salazar and Meiber Cabrera Peña became Peruvian citizens to join the softball team.

Other naturalized athletes include baseball players Juan Casa Urbina and Kenny Rodriguez Martin, natives of Venezuela and Cuba, respectively.

Peruvian citizenship was also conferred upon Venezuela-born handball player Ihoma Enrique Delgado Cherubini and Colombian citizen Kerstin Rojas Hucks, who competed in equestrian.

National Superintendence of Migrations Head Roxana del Aguila highlighted their decision to become naturalized in order to represent Peru at Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

"These Pan American Games mean a lot to our country, and Peruvian athletes have made a historic participation. Congratulations to all of them, especially to those non-natives who competed with the colors of our homeland," she said.


Published: 8/13/2019
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