Peru: Police seize over US$6 million in counterfeit bills

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

11:45 | Lima, Dec. 2.

The National Police of Peru seized more than US$6 million in fake bills and arrested an alleged member of the criminal gang "Los Especialistas" (The Specialists) dedicated to counterfeiting foreign currency, Lima Police Region Chief General Jorge Luis Angulo reported on Wednesday.

The authority specified that the counterfeit money —mostly in fake US$10 and US$20 bills— was going to be sent abroad —across the borders with Ecuador (north) and Bolivia (south)— to be introduced into the commercial markets of various countries around the world.

After lengthy intelligence efforts, the Police seized these counterfeit bills that had been stored inside a building located in Lima's Carabayllo district, as well as a printing machine in Breña district. The latter was allegedly used to print the counterfeit money.

Several plates, photolith films, and a computer were also seized.

During the intervention, Julio Montenegro Albino (alias Pepe) was arrested and will be accused for the crime against financial and monetary order.


Published: 12/2/2020
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