Peru PM: Citizens must commit to changing politics

10:55 | Lima, Aug. 14.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar has affirmed Peru has great opportunities and challenges that will enable it to remain on the path of growth for the benefit of all citizens.

For that reason, the cabinet chief indicated it is necessary for the population to commit to actively participating in changing politics and fighting corruption

According to the high-ranking official, due to the revelation of Odebrecht-related corruption cases, Peruvians started to become aware that —over recent years— the country went through a crisis and its institutionalism became precarious. 

"Politics cannot remain as a task that other people should be in charge of. It requires a participatory commitment from the entire society," the cabinet chief expressed. 

"We are facing a corruption that we had grown used to and that we can eliminate," Del Solar added. 

In this sense, the Prime Minister pointed out that —by counting on clear rules— citizens will opt for participating in the public-political life. 

"We must find a way so Peruvians will want to be part of public institutions, by becoming lawmakers or mayors," the official said. 


Published: 8/14/2019