Peru Pavilion offers various events at COP28 Climate Change Conference

Photo: Ministry of Environment of Peru

Photo: Ministry of Environment of Peru

09:53 | Dubai (UAE), Dec. 1.

The advances, challenges, opportunities, and results of Peru's climate action before the international community —among other topics— will be known at our country's pavilion set up at the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), the Ministry of Environment has announced.

The event began in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, on November 30 and will conclude on December 12.

Peru offers more than 60 events during the two weeks of this global event, based on six thematic axes: Mountains and Water; Forests; Energy transition; Oceans; Sustainable cities; and Circular economy.

Similarly, other key themes are incorporated transversally, such as: food security; health; climate financing; gender; interculturality and intergenerationality; among others.

On Thursday, a photo exhibition was held on the project titled: "Use of transparent insulators to enhance the thermal behavior of the bioclimate reading room in La Rinconada indigenous community, Puno region." It was led by Peru's Ricardo Palma University.

As part of this exhibition, a talk was held that served to exchange experiences. Afterwards, attendees at this global event watched the documentary titled "Antarctica: The End of the White Continent?"

The Peru Pavilion is also a space for dialogue that contributes to the exchange of experiences and establishment of partnerships with other key actors so as to implement our climate commitments.


Published: 12/1/2023