Peru: Over 200,000 visitors expected as Spring Festival kicks off in Trujillo

14:26 | Trujillo (La Libertad region), Sep. 20.

More than 200,000 tourists are expected in Trujillo city (La Libertad region) as the 69th International Spring Festival takes place on September 20-29, president of Lions Club of Trujillo and the event's organizer Carlos Pajares projected on Friday.

This year's event includes civic, cultural, artistic, sport, social, and service activities. 

According to Pajares, the festival will feature 12 international queens from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, the United States, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay, as well as 15 baton twirlers from the United States, whose participation in the festival dates back to 1965.

"So far, 20 parade floats of diverse public and private institutions, universities, commercial businesses, etc. have signed up (…)," he told Andina news agency

The streets of Trujillo will be filled with the beauty of the foreign queens and the flexibility of the baton twirlers during the Great Spring Parade —one of the most important attractions of the festival— set to take place on September 29. 

In addition to charity visits, the foreign queens and baton twirlers will explore archaeological sites such as Chan Chan and Huaca de la Luna, in La Libertad region. 

Finally, the organizer underlined that the International Spring Festival not only promotes tourism —which results in better incomes for all hotel and gastronomic businesses— but social activities to provide support to those most in need. 

Published: 9/20/2019
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