Peru: Number of recovered COVID-19 patients reaches 185,852

19:25 | Lima, Jul. 3.

The accumulated number of patients —who managed to recover from the new coronavirus— has reached 185,852 as of Friday, which means an increase of 3,755 compared to the previous figures. Thus, those citizens were discharged to return home.

According to the latest report issued by the Ministry of Health, confirmed COVID-19 cases total 295,599an increase of 3,595 compared to the preceding day.

Given these results, there are seven consecutive days in which the number of recoveries is higher than that of new contagions.

It also confirms that —although the spread of the new coronavirus continues— it is increasing on a smaller scale due to the care taken by citizens.

Thus, in the last seven days, 26,046 people overcame the disease. This brought happiness to their families, pride to the professionals at various health care establishments, and strength to Peru.


Another indicator that is positive is admission to health care facilities. To date, 11,131 hospitalized patients are registered, 48 less than yesterday, when there was an increase of 78 patients admitted to hospitals.

Of that number, 1,210 are in ICU beds with mechanical ventilation, 10 less than the previous day, when there was an increase (+8).



It must be noted 1,445,370 samples tested negative for COVID-19, out of a total 1,740,969 samples taken so far in Peru.


Published: 7/3/2020
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