Peru not to host Dakar due to El Nino

TACNA,PERÚ-ENERO 09.Rally Dakar 2013 deja suelo peruano e ingresa al vecino pais de Chile.Foto: ANDINA/Jack Ramón

17:20 | Lima, Aug. 24.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism announced today that Peru has withdrawn as host of the upcoming 2015 Dakar Series and 2016 Dakar Rally competitions due to concerns about El Nino weather phenomenon in the country.

Peru's participation was previously announced as early phenomenon forecast did not match current conditions, the Peruvian National Committee for the Study of El Nino (ENFEN) informed.

As is known, the Rally Dakar was scheduled to start in the Peruvian capital Lima on January 3 next year as confirmed by the Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO).

Meanwhile, the 2015 Dakar Series was going to be held in Ica desert from September 11 to 13. 


Published: 8/24/2015
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