Peru: New Ecotourism route launched in Paracas for 2015 Summer season

Islas Ballestas. Foto: ANDINA/Internet.

Islas Ballestas. Foto: ANDINA/Internet.

19:34 | Paracas, Jan. 09.

New ecotourism route "Del mar al desierto" (From sea to desert) is launched in order to place natural protected areas as the main nature and adventure tourist destinations. It is valid during the 2015 Peruvian Summer season.

The National Service of Natural Protected Areas (Sernanp) indicated this strategy is carried out by Peruvian Southern Ica's Regional Government through its Foreign Trade And Tourism area.

This route aims at diversifying the tourism offer in the province by sharing culture and adventure activities that can be performed in this natural protected area, Sernanp announced.

This program pertains to the "Difusión de Actividades de Turismo Sostenible en Regiones 2014" (Spreading Sustainable Tourism Activities in Regions-2014) project, conducted by the Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry.

As follows, Sernamp promotes the development of sustainable, inclusive and high-quality tourism in natural protected areas. This means it develops a compatible strategy through the preservation as a tool, in order to boost economy and social development for many families living in adjacent areas to these natural zones.


Published: 1/9/2015
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