Peru: More than 1,400 media outlets broadcast State-run distance learning program



15:43 | Lima, Oct. 1.

The Ministry of Education (Minedu) highlighted that 165 TV channels and 1,237 radio stations nationwide broadcast the contents of Aprendo en Casa (I Learn at Home) platform aimed at school students, which was implemented by the sector to guarantee access to education for students affected by the suspension of classes, as decreed during the state of emergency to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In this sense, Minedu stressed that this month 12 television channels from La Libertad, Piura, Ica, Lima, Ancash, Cusco, Cajamarca, and Moquegua regions, in addition to 7 radio stations from La Libertad, Amazonas, Cusco, Arequipa, Cajamarca, and Puno have joined the list of media outlets that broadcast the distance-learning show.

Likewise, 61 regional radio stations are committed to broadcasting Aprendo en Casa sessions in 10 native languages for all educational modalities.

In the last two months, 11 new radio stations from Ancash, Amazonas, Apurimac, Cusco, Pasco, San Martin, and Ucayali have joined this group of stations.

Permanent expansion 

During the permanent work to expand the coverage of Aprendo en Casa, Minedu has joined forces with the educational community and carries out inter-institutional negotiations with ministries, as well as regional and local governments on a permanent basis.

Thanks to the articulation with the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis), Minedu is making use of 363 Tambos to broadcast Aprendo en Casa classes on radio and TV in 20 regions.

In turn, the Ministry of Transport and Communications has participated in 20 events to expand coverage in rural areas, which include steps to access the State-run TvPeru channel signal, installation of repeater antennas and internet services, improvement and activation of TvPeru antennas, and the setting up of loudspeakers in populated centers, among others.

60 initiatives have been implemented to expand coverage through the refurbishment or installation of antennas, speakers, satellite internet, and public Wi-Fi to guarantee access to Aprendo en Casa.

The efforts undertaken by provincial and district municipalities have generated 287 actions to expand the coverage of Aprendo en Casa (TV edition), such as the rental and installation of antennas and cable equipment; the repair, reactivation, and management of operating licenses for relay antennas; or the use of municipal TV; among others.

Joint efforts

The completion of agreements with associations and private companies has also led to improving access to the program.

Currently, four mobile phone operators (Bitel, Claro, Entel, and Movistar) offer free-of-charge data to access the web platform that hosts educational content.

In addition, Fundación Telefónica, Google for Education, Crehana, and Check platforms have opened their content to the educational community that accesses Aprendo en Casa.


Published: 10/1/2020
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