Peru looks to expand bilateral cooperation with Macau

Peru wants to expand exports of agricultural products to China. Photo: ANDINA/Carlos Lezama

Peru wants to expand exports of agricultural products to China. Photo: ANDINA/Carlos Lezama

09:11 | Macau, Jan. 21 (ANDINA).

The governments of Peru and Macau have agreed to further strengthen bilateral cooperation in key sectors such as trade, tourism and mining.

This was announced following a meeting between Macau's Chief Executive Chui Sai On and Peruvian Congress' President Fredy Otarola, who is leading a parliamentary delegation to China.

The meeting took place Monday at the Macau Government headquarters where Chui welcomed the Peruvian delegation and gave them an update on the latest developments in this special administrative region.

Chui recalled that a delegation of Peruvian congressmen had met with local tourism officials and exchanged ideas on cooperation on a visit to Macau last year.

According to a press release, the chief executive said he believed that Otarola's visit "would open up more areas for cooperation."

For his part, Otarola noted that the relationship between Peru and China was good and said his country regards China as its "first business and trading partner. Meanwhile Peru is pursuing to attract more international investments in the country."

"Peru is a country with rich resources and multiple agricultural products; tourism in Peru is distinctive, such as the famous Machu Picchu, which attracts many visitors. Currently, the country intends to develop tourism and entertainment industries near the capital Lima," he said. "Peru and Macau would enhance co-operation on mining, importation of agricultural products and tourism."

On behalf of the Republic of Peru, Otarola invited Chui to visit Peru with a delegation for a better understanding of the country.

The CE agreed the importance of tighter mutual cooperation, and stressed that besides tourism and trade, both sides would step up cultural cooperation to facilitate contacts with Latin-American countries. "the Peru Chamber of Commerce in Macau may provide the bridge for entrepreneurs of Macau and Peru," Chui said.

Also present in the meeting were Peruvian Congressmen Jose Leon Rivera and Rolando Reategui; Peru's Consul General in Hong Kong and Macau, David Malaga; the President of the Peru Chamber of Commerce in Macau, Luis Lui; the Chief-of-Cabinet of the Office of the Chief Executive, Tam Chon Weng; the Secretary-General of the Executive Council, O Lam.


Published: 1/21/2014
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