Peru: Lima, Ica, Piura among top destinations for domestic travelers

10:00 | Lima, Sep. 6.

Lima (27%), Ica (12%), Piura (8%), Cusco (7%) and Junin (7%) regions are the top five destinations for domestic travelers, according to the 2018 Domestic Tourist Profile report crafted by Peru's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru).

The top ten list is completed by Ancash (6%), Arequipa (5%), La Libertad (5%), Lambayeque (4%), and Cajamarca (4%).

"Domestic tourism in Peru is closely related to economic and social development since it creates around 1.4 million jobs in different regions across the country," Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Edgar Vasquez remarked.

"Accordingly, this profile will serve to encourage the development of projects, identify business opportunities, and establish strategies that best fit vacationers' needs."

For his part, PromPeru Chairman Luis Torres said the 2018 Domestic Tourist Profile also underscores that most of the travelers are young people.

Those aged between 18 and 40 years (centennials and millennials) make up 63% of domestic tourists, a rise of 7 percentage points compared to 2017.

According to the study, 32% of vacationers travel as a group (family or friends), while 24% travel with their immediate relatives.

On the other hand, most of vacationers are women, accounting for 57% of the total.

Moreover, the report revealed that 8 in 10 travelers planned their trip and, from this group, 32% searched for information before embarking on their journey, mainly on the Internet.


Published: 9/6/2019