Peru: Lima hosts second debate ahead of parliamentary elections

22:35 | Lima, Jan. 16.

Organized by the National Election Board (JNE), the second debate of candidates running for Congress in Lima Metropolitan area took place in the Peruvian capital on Thursday night.

The two-hour event saw the participation of candidates Andrés Alcántara Paredes, José Quiñones Colchado and Miryam Reátegui Espinoza (Democracia Directa); Carlos Enrique Fernández Chacón, Gabriela Salvador Cárdenas and Rocío Silva-Santisteban Manrique (Frente Amplio).

It was also attended by Martha Chávez Cossio, Ricardo Vásquez Kunze and Diethell Columbus Murata (Fuerza Popular); Cyntia Serra Quiñones, Alessandra Krause Alva and Jorge Villacorta Carranza (Contigo); as well as by Manuel Benza Pflucker, Dina Boluarte Zegarra and Luis Raygada Souza-Ferreira (Peru Libre).

Alberto Beingolea Delgado, Miguel Soria Fuerte and Lilian Alvarado Vilela spoke on behalf of Partido Popular Cristiano (PPC). For their part, Rafael Santos Normand, Carlos Anderson Ramirez and Morella Parodi Solari represented Peru Patria Segura.

As on the first debate, the participants presented their proposals and contrasted them during three segments: "Political and Electoral Reforms by 2021," "Strengthening of the Judicial System and Fight against Corruption by 2021," as well as "Closing of Gaps by 2021." 

In addition, nine citizens —who reside in the capital city— asked questions to the candidates. This mechanism will also be seen during the last debate to be held on January 19 featuring the remaining political organizations competing in the congressional elections.

The elected parliamentarians will complete the 2016-2021 legislative period.


Published: 1/16/2020
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