Peru: Lightning and thunder reported in districts across Lima and Callao

Photo: Twitter/Diego Vertiz

Photo: Twitter/Diego Vertiz

09:59 | Lima, May. 24.

A series of lightning flashes, followed by thunder, were observed on Monday morning in various districts across Lima and Callao, causing surprise and fear in the population.

People used social networks to share their experience in different parts of the capital and the country's main port city, especially in coastal districts, such as those near the Costa Verde seashore.

According to Nelson Quispe, forecast deputy director at the National Meteorology and Hydrology Service (Senamhi), the natural phenomenon occurred before 6 a.m. due to an unusual amount of humidity in the clouds near the sea.

Quispe affirmed that this is an atypical phenomenon that occurs every 50 years, usually in high Andean and jungle areas.


The meteorologist reported that the clouds of humidity over the sea were moving from the north, approaching the city of Lima towards districts such as La Molina and Ate.

He went on to say that said clouds were moving south, delivering heavy rain in various areas across Lima and Callao.

Departure and arrival of aircraft

For his part, Peruvian Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation (Corpac) Secretary General Wilber Ruiz noted that the lightning and thunder did not affect the arrival and departure of flights at Jorge Chavez International Airport.

"It has been a very short weather event, which lasted about 40 minutes, at the most. I predict a clear sky without any interference," he added.


Published: 5/24/2021