Peru: Int'l dance festival held in Puno region

17:47 | Ayaviri (Puno region), Jul. 9.

Nearly one hundred athletes took part in a chasquis (messenger of the Inca Empire) race, thus marking the beginning of the 2018 Tinajani International Dance Festival, held in southern Puno region's Ayaviri district on July 7-8.

In this sense, participants ran 14 kilometers from Tinajani Stone Canyon to Ayaviri's main square, where they were applauded by the public.

According to organizers, the event's main purpose was to promote adventure tourism in the Ayaviri-Tinajani route.

Tinajani Stone Valley is regarded as one of the most mystical and memorable sites in Puno. Plus, it is a perfect destination for adventure tourism.

This is a forest of various stones, with huge reddish arsenic rocks carved by nature, which look majestic amid hills and hay meadows, covering 200 hectares.

Said impressive place hosted the 25th edition of the Tinajani International Dance Festival last weekend that brought together 10,000 people, including musicians, dancers, and visitors. 

The event was organized by Melgar Province Municipality.


Published: 7/9/2018