Peru: Interbank interest rate in Soles stands at 2.20%

09:00 | Lima, Feb. 24.

On February 19, the interbank interest rate in Peruvian Soles showed an annual rate of 2.20%, and this rate in US Dollars registered 1.75%, the Central Reserve Bank has reported.

On the same date, the 90-day corporate prime rate —the interest rate charged by commercial banks to lower risk businesses— in Soles was 3.19%, whereas the prime rate in Dollars recorded 2.48%.

Moreover, the annual interest rate on more than 360-day loans (in Soles) to micro and small businesses (Mypes) stood at 19.9% on February 13, while this rate in Dollars was 7.4%. 

On the other hand, on February 19, the interest rate on mortgage loans in Soles was 7.8%, whereas this rate in Dollars was 6.8%. 


Published: 2/24/2020
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