Peru Gov't decrees measures to ensure access to covid-19 drugs

14:02 | Lima, May. 21.

The Government of Peru has issued a series of economic and financial measures in order to ensure citizens' access to drugs and medical devices for the treatment of the novel coronavirus (covid-19), as well as to strengthen the health response during the state of national emergency.

Thus, under Urgency Decree 059-2020, drugs, medical devices, and biosafety equipment —used for the handling and treatment of covid-19— have been classified as essential goods in order to guarantee the population's access to these products.


The mandate stipulates that the Ministry of Health (Minsa) has three days to approve the list of the aforementioned essential goods since the entry into force of this regulation.

Fine for not reporting

Additionally, it provides that all public and private pharmaceutical establishments (laboratories, pharmacies, drugstores, and pharmacies in health centers) operating in the country shall provide information on stock status and sale prices of goods, as well as the number of units —imported or manufactured in the country— of said goods.

Likewise, the information of the prices of available products —reported by all public and private establishments— will be made available to the public, and those who fail to comply with such provision will be severely punished.


Published: 5/21/2020
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