Peru: Former President Vizcarra considers running for Congress in general elections

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

13:39 | Lima, Nov. 23.

Former President Martin Vizcarra has reported that he is evaluating the possibility of running in the general elections —scheduled for April 11, 2021— heading a parliamentary list.

Within this framework, Vizcarra affirmed that he will make the decision on the matter this week.

The former Head of State pointed out that he has not spoken with members of any other political group on this issue because he had only just begun to think about that possibility as a result of the 
recent ruling issued by the Constitutional Court.

Last week, most Constitutional Court (TC) judges declared inadmissible the competence claim on the presidential vacancy on the grounds of permanent moral incapacity.

"I am evaluating the decision to participate in a party's congressional list, leading it. I did not have that possibility three days ago, but I am evaluating that possibility following the TC ruling. I will make the decision in the course of this week," he said in remarks to Punto Final investigative journalism TV program on Sunday night.

The former top official indicated that some of his proposals would be to eliminate parliamentary immunity, change the Political Constitution, and put it in tune with current times, as well as strengthen the social sectors while still welcoming private investment.

He considered that the vacancy arranged by Congress against him was a "coup adventure" by Manuel Merino.

Lastly, Vizcarra congratulated Francisco Sagasti on his inauguration as President of the Republic, adding that he makes himself available to help because "his success will be that of all Peruvians."


Published: 11/23/2020
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