Peru: Former Fujimori minister released

Jaime Yoshiyama

Jaime Yoshiyama

19:23 | Lima, Mar. 7.

Jaime Yoshiyama, ex-minister of the Alberto Fujimori regime and former Fujimorismo secretary-general, was released on Wednesday afternoon after authorities had found a firearm during a raid on his home in Lima's La Molina district.

Yoshiyama, 73, will thus face investigation for alleged illegal gun possession.

The Provincial Criminal Prosecutor's Office of La Molina district ordered that investigations be extended for 15 days.

Prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez —who led the procedure within the framework of investigations into the Odebrecht case— reported Yoshiyama had been arrested and taken to La Molina's Santa Felicia police station.

Later, the former minister was taken to a police complex in Surquillo district to undergo the corresponding medical examinations.

It must be noted the house of Ex-Transport Minister —of the Fujimori regime— Augusto Bedoya was also raided.

The procedures were carried out by the Prosecutor's Office for Money Laundering in Lima districts of La Molina and San Isidro, where legal addresses of Yoshiyama and Bedoya, respectively, are located.

The raid was conducted within the framework of an investigation into Keiko Fujimori and Fuerza Popular (Popular Force) party for Odebrecht contributions to the presidential campaign.

Former head of Odebrecht's operations in Peru, Jorge Barata, declared that US$1.2 million had been given through Yoshiyama and Bedoya to fund the presidential campaign of Keiko Fujimori back in 2011.

Yoshiyama denied having received Odebrecht money for Fujimori's campaign and sent an official letter to the Prosecutor's Office expressing his decision to cooperate with all investigations.


Published: 3/7/2018