Peru: FA Ministry to develop strategy aimed at strengthening country's image

16:09 | Lima, Jul. 31.

Supported by embassies and consulates, Peru's Foreign Affairs Ministry will carry out a strategy to promote and strengthen the country's image by placing emphasis on economic and trade-related aspects, so that it is not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the sector's head Mario Lopez affirmed on Friday.

During his presentation before Congress' Foreign Affairs Commission —where he addressed the foreign policy guidelines in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic— the high-ranking official indicated that this strategy is linked to the nation's economic revival.

"From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have considered making the utmost effort so that the Peru's image is not affected as a consequence of the pandemic, thereby ensuring interest in the economic and trade matters and projecting ourselves as a democratic and stable country that fights the pandemic, but that reverts the situation in a complex regional and global scenario," he expressed.

Likewise, the Cabinet member specified that the idea is to present Peru as a reliable interlocutor country, which has an attractive as well as secure market for investments and progress.

"This task is not only the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and we are clear about that. Although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will develop this strategy to enhance the country's image through the country's network of embassies and consulates, this image must respond to the efforts made by Peru (…) in terms of economic matters, investments, trade and tourism in the future," he said.

Furthermore, the diplomat stressed that Peru did not stop exporting food. In fact, the agro-industry's capacity was maintained and even increased for some products during the pandemic.


The minister also specified that the foreign policy guidelines are based on five lines of action linked to: political, economic, migratory, cultural and institutional issues.


Published: 7/31/2020
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