Peru exports to expand 7.5% in 2019

08:55 | Lima, Feb. 11.

Peruvian exports may total US$51.289 billion in 2019, up 7.5% compared to last year (US$47.711 billion), Association of Peruvian Exporters (Adex) informed.

Adex's Economy and Global Business Research Center Director Carlos Gonzalez indicated mining exports' performance will have a significant impact on total shipments. 

It should be noted Adex projects a 4.2% rise in the traditional sector (US$35.927 billion), and a 16.1% expansion in non-traditional sales (US$15.361 billion). 

In this sense, mining exports will increase by 4.3% to US$28.777 billion. 

“Last year, the international scene was very dramatic due to the trade war. However, this war is expected to come to an end; therefore, our growth expectation could be revised upwards,” he told Andina online radio. 

As for value-added shipments, the Adex representative said they will be underpinned by agro-exports (22.7%) —as every year— thus amounting to US$7.232 billion. 

Non-traditional exports in fishery (+18.3%), textile-garment (+15.4%), chemical (+12.7%), metal-mechanic (+11.3%) sectors, among others , saw positive figures as well. 


On the other hand, Gonzales explained the better performance of minerals and agro-industry boosted —for the third year in a row— the expansion of Peruvian exports in 2018 (US$47.711). 


Published: 2/11/2019
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