Peru: Ex-Lambayeque Region Governor Yehude Simon arrested in Olmos case

10:55 | Lima, Feb. 24.

Former Lambayeque Region Governor and ex-Prime Minister Yehude Simon was arrested on Monday morning in Olmos case.

Judge Maria Alvarez ordered preliminary detention against him at the request of Peruvian Lava Jato Case Special Prosecution Group member Jose Domingo Perez, who is carrying out a raid on Simon's home in Surco district.

According to the judicial decision, the preliminary detention was ordered for 10 days.

A similar restrictive measure was imposed on former Olmos Special Project Manager Pablo Salazar.

Prosecutor's thesis

The ex-Lambayeque governor is accused of committing crimes related to the concession of Olmos diversion and irrigation projects —in favor of Odebrecht— and of allegedly having received money from said Brazilian firm for his re-election campaign in 2006, based on the prosecutor's thesis.

Likewise, the Public Ministry accuses him of having used codenames (Gorno and Terco) for making illegal payments that came from Odebrecht's Division of Structured Operations (known as Box Two).

Illegal contributions 

According to IDL-Reporteros investigative journalism site, Barata stated that he had made illegal contributions —worth US$300,000— for Simon's 2006 campaign in order to be re-elected as regional governor of Lambayeque. In light of this, the ex-Prime Minister denied the allegations.

To the Public Prosecutor's Office, Simon is considered to be the author of crimes against public administration and collusion.

Besides, Barata claims that Salazar is one of the persons who received the US$300,000 contribution for Simon's re-election campaign. 


Published: 2/24/2020
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