Peru: Eight drug laboratories destroyed in Loreto

17:09 | Putumayo (Loreto region), Nov. 30.

The destruction of drug laboratories (8) and camps (10) marked the end of "Armageddon II," an anti-drug operation carried out by Peruvian Armed Forces and National Police (PNP).

Ten people have been arrested, and a shotgun plus two engines have been seized. 

Likewise, law enforcement agents found 190 liters of cocaine sulfate, five kg of cocaine paste, 20 cylinders of gasoline, and 20 bags of ammonium nitrate. 

All of these inputs are necessary for drug processing. 

Thus, military-police control and security actions continue in the northern border.

Said initiatives began this year under Armageddon operation aimed at strengthening the Government's presence in the most remote areas of Peru. 

The operation was supervised by Army's Commander General Cesar Astudillo and National Anti-Drug Agency (Dirandro) Head Hector Loayza. 

Furthermore, its success shows that law enforcers have taken the initiative to fight drug-trafficking, thus these actions will be carried out more frequently in order to maintain control in Putumayo.


Published: 11/30/2018
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