Peru: Cusco closes jubilee month celebrations

10:56 | Cusco (Cusco region), Jul. 8.

The traditional kacharpari, or closing event of Cusco's jubilee month celebrations, takes place in the Inca city with musical artists, dances, and a culinary festival.

As is known, jubilee month-related festivities were held in June and part of July, portraying the biggest events in the imperial city. 

Scheduled for 10:00 AM today, activities kicked off with an exhibition and sale of typical Cusco dishes at Regocigo Square.

Not-to-be-missed traditional desserts and sweets are available as well, to locals and visitors' delight.

Bands and folkloric ensembles give the musical tone to the event.

Cusco's jubilee month celebrations started on Sunday, May 27, and ran throughout the month of June, with active participation of public and private institutions, thus showing their affection for the land of the Incas.

Municipal Company of Festivities in Cusco (Emufec) officials noted the different academic, religious, and cultural activities, and above all, musical performances and dances that captivated locals and tourists for almost three weeks.

The spectacular Inti Raymi re-enactment, which had three scenes staged in three different places (Qoricancha Temple, Cusco's main square, and Sacsayhuaman Fortress), was the main celebration, gathering over 50,000 attendees.


Published: 7/8/2018