Peru: Criminal network used to obtain US$12 million in earnings due to illegal gold

16:52 | Trujillo (La Libertad region), Feb. 12.

The 'Los Topos' Criminal Network —broken up on Tuesday by the Peruvian National Police (PNP) and the Public Ministry— used to obtain profits worth over US$12 million a month from the sale of 250 kilograms of gold, which was illegally extracted from northern La Libertad region's mountain area.

The gold of illicit origin was taken out of the country through the Peruvian Port of Callao to Switzerland, Germany, India, the United Arab Emirates, and China, among other countries.

This was reported by PNP General and Environment Department Chief Raul del Castillo on Wednesday during the first assessment of this mega-operation in which 18 people were captured in Trujillo (14), the district of Parcoy in Pataz Province (3), and the city of Lima (1).

In Trujillo, the following people were arrested: Apolinar Fernández Cruz (50), Yolanda Maribel Vásquez Valderrama (40), Clever Vega Chávez (50), Salomir Matos Anampa (39), Jenns Marty Lara Tantaquilla (25), Jaime Trujillo Paz (49), Rosa Nely Trujillo Paz (45), Edson Rolando Rosillo Carrillo (49), Bárbara Quijano Argomedo (47), Marlon Campos Costa (46), Antonia Justina Asto Medina (42), José Joselito Vásquez Valderrama (39), and Australian citizen Yu Hang Liu.

José Ricardo Vásquez Valderrama (62), Américo Trujillo Paz (62), and Eugeniuo Alejandro Fernández Cruz (40) were arrested in Parcoy, the latter being one of the network's financiers. 

Chinese citizen Yan Ruzhong (51) was detained in Lima.

According to the police officer, the ore used to be removed and exported after being processed.

Likewise, he said the results of this mega operation will be known in the next few days, because it is not finished yet.

It should be noted that —in addition to the 250 kg of gold— cash, documents, computers, firearms, USB flash drives, among other items have also been seized.


Published: 2/12/2020
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