Peru: Chan Chan archaeological zone welcomes over 30,000 foreign visitors

Turistas de Estados Unidos encabezan la lista de viajeros extranjeros que visitan complejo arqueológico Chan Chan, en Trujillo. ANDINA

13:31 | Trujillo (La Libertad region), Oct. 26.

Over 30,000 foreign tourists have so far this year visited Chan Chan archaeological site located in Peru's northern La Libertad region.

Foreign travelers account for more than 20% of total visitors to the site.

According to La Libertad's Decentralized Directorate of Culture, the list is led by guests from the U.S., followed by those from France, Germany and Japan. 

Concerning Latin American travelers, a great number of tourists come from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. 

"Mostly, Americans come by cruise motivated by the history of this wonderful place representing one of the few places in the world that stresses the magnificence of Earth architecture," Department head Maria Elena Cordova said.

"On average, from each ten foreign visitors, seven are from the United States," she added.

Chan Chan is a pre-Columbian adobe city located in Moche Valley, not far from the beachside town of Huanchaco and Trujillo city.

Built between 9th and 15th Centuries A.D., the site covers an area of approximately 14.14 square-kilometers.

It must be noted Chan Chan was included in UNESCO Worldwide Heritage List back in 1986. 

Likewise, the zone was included in CNN's list of the 20 most beautiful World Heritage Sites in December 2013. 


Published: 10/26/2016
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