Peru celebrates Criolla music day

Photo: ANDINA/archivo

Photo: ANDINA/archivo

13:05 | Lima, Oct. 31 (ANDINA).

While people in the United States get ready for Halloween night, many Peruvians will be celebrating Criolla Music Day, a Peruvian genre of music which blends mainly African, Spanish and Andean influences.
Every year Peruvians celebrate “El Día de la Canción Criolla or Criolla Music Day on October 31.

Throughout Latin America, the term "criolla" originally referred to the descendants of Spanish settlers, but it subsequently came to designate that which was distinctively local.

In the case of Peru, it designates the people and culture of the coastal region (as opposed to the Andean highlands) and of Lima in particular. It was on the coast that the Spaniards that founded their capital, where most of their settlement was concentrated and where their culture took deepest root.

The most popular style of Peru's "criolla" music is the Marinera, said to be the national dance of Peru. Other main genres are the Peruvian Waltz, Tondero, Festejo, Polka, Zamacueca, Landó, among other traditional dances. 


Published: 10/31/2012
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