Peru: Arequipa's regional cuisine among the best in South America

17:51 | Arequipa (Arequipa region), Oct. 2.

Arequipa's regional cuisine —a distinctive variety of Peruvian food— has been rated as one of the best in South America by CNN Travel.

Arequipa's cuisine is a fusion that combines the best of southern-based pre-Columbian cultures, the subsequent Inca empire, and the European influence from the Spanish conquest. 

The Food & Drink article highlights the traditional "picanterias" —a sort of gastronomic sanctuary treasuring Arequipa's rich culinary heritage.

There, diners can enjoy Peruvian staples like pastel de papa (potato cake), rocoto relleno (stuffed chili peppers), and the seasonal chupe de camarones (crawfish soup).

These traditional dishes can be accompanied by a glass or jug of chicha morada, a typical Peruvian non-alcoholic drink made from boiled purple corn. 

The story —entitled "The best foods in South America (and where to eat them)"— also includes Patagonian asado (Argentina), silpancho (Bolivia), feijoada (Brazil), and Valle de Colchagua's Carménère wine (Chile), among others. 


Published: 10/2/2018