Peru: Archaeological research project kicks off at Cerro Saltur site

Inician investigación arqueológica en proyecto Saltur de Lambayeque. ANDINA

10:35 | Lima, May. 2.

Archaeological research works have been launched at Cerro Saltur site in Chancay-Lambayeque valley, Lambayeque’s Execution Unit 005 Naylamp reported on Tuesday.

The initiative is aimed at examining cultural occupation at Cerro Saltur. Works will entail an investment of S/1,047,705 (about US$322,000).

Aimed at preserving and enhancing Cerro Saltur archaeological site throughout 2017, the project is intended to ensure continuity of research works commenced in 2013 by archaeologist Luis Chero Zurita, head of the project.

Works will be fully financed through State resources. A budget of S/1,047,705 (about US$322,000) has been allocated to Lambayeque's Execution Unit 005 Naylamp for investigation, conservation, protection and dissemination of the archaeological heritage. 

According to stated objectives, excavations will be carried out in five areas to ascertain the cultural sequence of the site, defining and distinguishing different cultural occupations throughout the time.

Interventions will explore missing data required to understand and validate evidence (collected in 2013) on the function and social implication of Huaca Oeste and the walled Compound, located in North 2 area, which date back to the Late Intermediate Period. 

Likewise, social actions will be adopted to educate locals on the cultural importance of Saltur's archaeological heritage and the economic benefits of its conservation in order to achieve socio-economic advancement.

A total of 72 people will work on this project for about three months.


Published: 5/2/2017
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