Peru: 2018 Grape Harvest Festival kicks off on Friday

Ica inicia celebraciones por el Festival de la Vendimia.

Ica inicia celebraciones por el Festival de la Vendimia.

13:30 | Ica (Ica region), Feb. 27.

Once again, it is all set for Peru's coastal Ica region to host its most emblematic event: the 2018 Grape Harvest Festival, Ica's Regional Foreign Trade and Tourism Direction (Dircetur) confirmed.

Running from March 2 to 10, this year's Grape Harvest Festival will include the 21st edition of Ruta de los Lagares ("The Route of the Vats"), an invitation to Ica's main wineries to experience traditional wine-making first-hand. 

As Dircetur Ica points out, the event revolves around the revalorization of old wineries' culture and history, whose traditional grape stomping guarantee a fascinating immersion into the identity of the region.

These wineries —where time seems to have stopped— are equipped with vats, wine presses and alembic pots, essential instruments for the preparation of grape-based drinks. 

Every day, attendees will get to visit a different winery for guided tours, grape stomping, pisco and wine tasting, among other cultural activities.

Grape stomping is definitely one of the main attractions of the festival, since feeling the texture of grapes under one's bare feet, as well as the must between the toes and the fragrances released with each footfall, can make for a "sacred, unique, and insurmountable" process. 

Thus, Dircetur and the whole region invite the general public to the 2018 Grape Harvest Festival, a one-of-a-kind event for a face-to-face meeting with the true spirit of grape harvest. 


Published: 2/27/2018