Oil spill in Peru: Armed Forces continue to support clean-up of polluted beaches

12:17 | Lima, Feb. 1.

Peru's Armed Forces have deployed 436 members along the Lima coast to continue supporting the clean-up of beaches contaminated by the oil spill in the Ventanilla sea area, in line with the provisions stipulated the Ministry of Defense.

Provided with personal protective equipment, 100 members of the Army's First Multipurpose Brigade were transferred to Hondable Beach in Santa Rosa district and to Chacra y Mar Beach in the district of Aucallama in Huaral province.

Similarly, the Navy deployed 202 members of the Infantry and Coast Guard units to Pocitos Beach in the district of Ancon.
For its part, the Air Force ordered the deployment of 134 members to help clean up the beach located in the immediate vicinity of the Peruvian Air Force's Sea Survival School (Esmar) located in Ancon.
The removal of oil waste by the military personnel deployed on the beaches is carried out in coordination with the General Directorate of Captaincies and Coast Guard (Dicapi) of the Peruvian Navy.

The appropriate personal protection equipment, cleaning tools, and geomembranes are being used to that end.

Oil spill

Repsol reported that 10,396 barrels of oil were spilled into the sea.

The oil slick has spread along the coast of Ventanilla, reaching Ancon and Chancay, where a negative impact on marine flora and fauna is registered.


Published: 2/1/2022