Moody's: Investors have confidence in Peru's economic strength

11:35 | New York (U.S.), Aug. 12.

Foreign investors seem to be immune to the latest Peruvian political events —especially to the early general elections proposal submitted by the Executive Branch to Congress— and have confidence in the strength and positive performance of the national economy, Moody's Investors Service Vice-President Jaime Reusche affirmed on Monday.

Local investors 

Concerning local investors, the Moody's representative pointed out they have become more sensitive to political events. 

"Naturally, the local investor has a greater influence on short-term economic activity. However, we must remember the average Peruvian is calm regarding the decision of calling for (general) elections," Reusche expressed. 

Pending task 

Furthermore, the officer stated the next administration must pay special attention to the economic framework, as it has registered modest growth over recent years. 


Published: 8/12/2019