Mochica ceremonial banquet hall unearthed in Peru

12:45 | Chiclayo (Lambayeque region), Jan. 8.

A team of Peruvian archaeologists found a pre-Hispanic Mochica ceremonial banquet hall in Chiclayo province, Peru's northern Lambayeque region.

Decorated with wall paintings featuring sea-scenes, the finding includes two thrones that are believed to be the seats for elite individuals of such pre-Inca culture.

Likewise, excavators unveiled more than 100 concavities, where banquet vessels and plates are believed to fit in.

This find reveals the scenario where Mochica political and social activities were held.

Researchers came to this conclusion after comparing their recent discovery with the iconographic evidence. 

The site was unearthed at Huaca Limon as part of a research program at Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum in northern Peru.

Led by Chief Archaeologist Walter Alva, the team under this program has been investigating the origins and development of the Moche —an ancient civilization that flourished in northern Peru from about 200 to 700 AD.


Published: 1/8/2018
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