Mining-agriculture alliance to boost southern Peru's development

Peruvian Minister of Agriculture Milton Von Hesse (left) in Candarave town, in southern Peru

Peruvian Minister of Agriculture Milton Von Hesse (left) in Candarave town, in southern Peru's Tacna region.

15:35 | Lima, Jun. 23 (ANDINA).

The alliance of the agricultural and mining sectors will boost the development of southern Peru through a fund aimed at fostering the modernization of agriculture for the welfare of thousands of small farmers, the Peruvian Agriculture Ministry (Minag) announced Sunday.
The said fund is named Candarave Development plan and one of the first regions to be benefited from this fund will be Tacna.

Peru’s Agriculture Minister, Milton Von Hesse, attended in Candarave, a community in Tacna in southern Peru, the signing agreement ceremony among the private sector, represented by the mining company Southern Peru, Minag and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM).

Thus, there will be a first contribution from the development fund of 45 million soles (US$ 16.1 million) given by the base-metal miner.

The fund will also finance projects in water supply and basic sanitation and the improvement of agriculture improved by installing reservoirs and irrigation canals, among others.

Likewise, Von Hesse led the signing of a cooperation agreement among Southern Peru, Minag, the National Water Authority (ANA), local governments and Candarave’s Board of Irrigation Users for conducting water and hydrogeological studies of the Locumba river basin.

Such studies will be financed with another contribution of 10 million soles (US$ 3.5 million) committed by Southern Peru in the Candarave working table.


Published: 6/23/2013
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