Man charged with hate crime in acid attack on Peruvian immigrant in U.S.

11:06 | Milwaukee (U.S.), Nov. 7.

A Milwaukee man has been charged with a hate crime over a parking spot acid attack on a Peru-born U.S. citizen after telling him to go back to his country, BBC News reported on Thursday.

According to a criminal complaint, the 42-year-old victim, Mahud Villalaz, suffered second-degree burns to his face. He and Clifton Blackwell got into an argument about parking in Milwaukee last Friday.

"Clifton Blackwell, 61, is charged with first-degree reckless injury in a hate crime using a dangerous weapon," the UK outlet states.

The complaint alleges that Villalaz had parked his vehicle outside a restaurant and was heading to the entrance when his attacker approached him.

Blackwell allegedly shouted at Villalaz, "Why did you invade my country?" and, "Why don't you respect my laws?"

According to the complaint, he then reached for a metal bottle containing the acid mixture.

The attack was captured on a surveillance camera from a nearby restaurant. The video footage shows Villalaz arguing with Blackwell, who throws liquid in his face.

Villalaz told BBC's U.S. affiliate CBS News: "He just approached me with those hated words, 'Go back to your country.'"

He added that the liquid, which he believes was battery acid, burned through two layers of his clothing.

After searching Blackwell's residence, authorities found "muriatic acid, four bottles of brand name Kleen-Out sulfuric acid, two bottles of Kleen-Out drain opener (100% lye), and Parkerizing cleaner." 

If convicted on all three counts, Blackwell could face up to 35 years in jail.

"The charge of first-degree reckless injury carries a maximum sentence of 25 years, with an additional five years each for using a dangerous weapon and committing a hate crime," the BBC website's section explained.

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Published: 11/7/2019
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