Lima to build cable car system this September

Photo: Andina/Difusión.

Photo: Andina/Difusión.

12:21 | Lima, Jul. 08 (ANDINA).

The construction work of the city's cable car, which will link the Parque de la Muralla and San Cristobal, will begin in September, 2013.
The cable car system is expected to start operations between May and June next year.

Director of Promotion of Private Investment in the Municipality of Lima, Domingo Arzubialde, told Andina that the Ministry of Culture already gave them permission for the project and they are only waiting for the final plans from engineers.

"We expect the construction work to start in September and the operations of Lima's cable cars between May and June, 2014," he said.

Arzubialde noted that the investment will reach eight million soles and comes entirely from private sources.

"The construction of the cable cars is a part of the policy of tourism development in the historical center and is related to the Cantagallo park and foot paths that replaced roads within Cercado and Rimac." he added.


Published: 7/8/2013
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