Health Min: Those coming to Peru shall undergo COVID-19 molecular detection testing

10:12 | Lima, Sep. 3.

Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti affirmed that although the final protocol —on how to act when international flights resume in Peru— has not yet been defined, the COVID-19 detection test requirement before taking off will be introduced for such flights.

According to the government official, the test would be molecular-based because this is the most sensitive and specific method to detect the virus.

"We are determining how many days before the trip the molecular test shall be presented," the minister pointed out.

"Likewise, we are analyzing —in accordance with other countries— what to do upon arrival, what type of test to conduct or not, in order to make decisions that align with those of different countries in Latin America. This has a lot to do with the departure country, that is, how much risk there is," she added.

"Final protocols on what to do with those who come to Peru have not yet been established," the Cabinet member said on Wednesday in remarks to RPP radio and TV station.

"We have prepared three different schemes considering several alternatives: where people come from, how long the trip takes, if passengers are in a risk group or not. We have prepared three different alternatives and, according to how things evolve these weeks, we will decide on what we are going to do. Of course, it (the test result) must be ready at least a week ahead of the travel. A molecular test is required in order to take off," Mazzetti explained.

The health sector's head affirmed that, in other countries, the international flights resumption began with professional trips.

"We could hardly handle tourism issues because people go to places that probably pose a high risk of transmission. We need to continue lowering figures in the country (...) to ensure the safety of visitors," she emphasized.


Published: 9/3/2020
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