Facebook, Instagram and TikTok most preferred by Peruvians in times of pandemic

Special Pandemic TGI study indicates that Peruvians use apps at all times. Photo: AFP

Special Pandemic TGI study indicates that Peruvians use apps at all times. Photo: AFP

09:03 | Lima, Aug. 28.

55% of Peruvians increased their use of Facebook during the COVID-19 pandemic, while 39% use more Instagram and 18% more TikTok, according to the Special Pandemic TGI study prepared by Kantar IBOPE Media.

Regarding the use of apps in general, 93% of Peruvians claim to have used a social network since the health emergency arising from the COVID-19 pandemic began in March. Additionally, 89% of them used instant messaging apps and 71% used applications for music streaming.

However, some of these applications were more popular among certain age groups. This is the case of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Spotify, whose use increased among young people between 16 and 19 years old; while Twitter and WhatsApp are most preferred by users aged between 35 and 44 years.

In this context, traditional media outlets are also finding a captive audience on these platforms. 

People aged 50-64 downloaded the most apps to listen to the radio, while those between 21 and 49 years old chose apps to access newspapers or watch TV on their mobile phones.

Mobile Downloads

The Target Group Index (TGI) study indicates that 59% of users downloaded a mobile application last year. Peruvian users use apps at all times, according to the report. Smartphone owners aged 21-34 show the highest activity rate.

On the other hand, 94% of Peruvians chose to download social media apps, 64% opted for mapping and geolocation apps, 61% for a music platform and 57% installed entertainment apps such as games, digital books, among others.


Published: 8/28/2020
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