Facebook accounts in Peru amount to 23.5 million, Instagram users hit 7.1 million

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

15:13 | Lima, Mar. 11.

Facebook is the most popular social network in Peru with 23.5 million accounts, revealed a comScore study thru late 2019.

According to the comScore-Shareablee report, there were 7.1 million users on Instagram, 4.1 million on LinkedIn, and 2.8 million on Twitter as at end-January.

In Latin America, Facebook is the most used social network on a daily basis (70%) followed by Instagram (60%).

On a weekly basis, Latin American users prefer Facebook (90%), as well as Instagram and YouTube (80%).

In Peru, 65.2% of public posts on social networks are made from a computer, while 32.8% from a cell phone. 

The preferred social network to share public content is Facebook (82%), followed by Instagram (13%).

These posts generated 829.8 million interactions in Peru last year. 60% of them were generated on Facebook and 35% on Instagram.

Trends in Latin America

Likewise, the study reveals that 2019 saw a rise in vertical videos. This type of content generated 57% of the interactions.

Smartphone users hold their phone vertically about 94% of the time. Besides, 65% of users believe that vertical ads are more innovative.

In Latin America, a post generates 2,103 clicks on average. Posts having between 10 and 14 words get more interaction.

Among the contents published by users in the region, 33% correspond to links, 37% to pictures, and 30% to videos.


Published: 3/11/2020
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