Diplomatic missions celebrate Peru’s Independence Day around the world

Peruvians celebrate Independence Day in the United States.

07:00 | Lima, Jul. 28.

Peruvians expats spread around the world began celebrating their 193rd Anniversary of Independence from Spain with events organized by diplomatic missions to showcase cultural wealth of the Andean country.
In this sense, a number of celebrations have been taking place in different cities of Latin America, the United States, Europe, Asia, among other regions, Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported.

For instance, the General Consulate of Peru in Valencia, Spain, held a reception attended by top personalities from political, cultural and social circles as well as members of the Consular Corps accredited to Valencia.

During the event, held at the Astoria Palace Hotel, officials closed the conference ‘Peru Land of Opportunities’ organized by the Valencia Chamber of Commerce, the Peruvian Consulate and the Commercial Attaché Office of Peru’s Embassy in Madrid, in which the country’s investment opportunities were highlighted.

Likewise, a reception and food tasting took place at the official Prague residence of the Peruvian Embassy in Czech Republic, an event that was attended by over 150 people including Peruvian expats and Czech citizens. 

On the other hand, Peruvian short films ‘Sigo siendo’ by Javier Corcuera and ‘De ollas y sueños’ by Ernesto Cabellos were projected in Rome, Italy, on this patriotic occasion.

Furthermore, on July 19, a diplomatic mission in Singapore hosted a reception for the Peruvian resident community. 

In China, the Embassy organized a concert of Peruvian folk music played with traditional Chinese instruments at the Cervantes Institute in Beijing. 

As for Latin America, expats living in Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador and Argentina also joined the celebrations by attending art and photo exhibitions, golf and soccer tournaments, film and gastronomic festivals, as well as artistic and musical shows.


Published: 7/28/2014
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