Cusco bakers prepare 22-meter tanta wawa bread

Photo: ANDINA/Percy Hurtado.

Photo: ANDINA/Percy Hurtado.

11:21 | Cusco, Nov. 03 (ANDINA).

Bakers in the community of Wanchaq, Cusco, have baked a 22-meter long baby-shaped bread (or tanta wawa, as it is known locally).

The breads are a Peruvian tradition for All Saints’ Day, when they are frequently placed on the graves of deceased loved ones or eaten by loved ones in the cemetery.

On Thursday, Wanchaq held the Tanta Wawas Festival, in which some 70 bakers competed to create the best bread.

To create the giant tanta wawa, some 20 bakers used 16 sacks of flour and six sacks of sugar. It was garnished with goose berries.

The bread measures 22 meters by eight meters and it will be submitted to the Guinness World Records organization, as it is believed to be the largest tanta wawa ever created.

Another Peruvian tradition for All Saints’ Day is to bake a sweet bread in the shape of a horse, and the bakers in Wanchaq also incorporated that custom.

One bizcocho was made in the shape of Lamar, a police horse who was mortally wounded in recent riots in Lima, reported.


Published: 11/3/2012