Coronavirus presence in Peru has not been proven

00:00 | Lima, Jan. 28.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) on Monday night expressed that "the presence of coronavirus in Peru has not been proven," in a statement that requests the population to remain calm, after spreading information on four isolated suspicious cases at Dos de Mayo Hospital in the capital city of Lima.

"So far, it has not been proven that the four reported cases are positive for coronaviruses," emphasized the Minsa statement to specify that "as a preventive measure, the care protocol was activated and epidemiological surveillance remains in place."

The information on suspicious cases was provided during the afternoon by Health Minister Elizabeth Hinostroza, who confirmed that four people —three Chinese and one Peruvian— "are isolated and monitored to rule out infection from coronavirus."

The cases

"The first citizen from Hubei Province entered our country on January 3 of this year and had symptoms of a common cold, so he received the respective treatment and his symptoms ceased on January 17," the statement said.

The Chinese province of Hubei has as capital the city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak —that has caused alarm around the world— began.

Minsa explained that the other two citizens —from the same Chinese province— entered Peru without symptoms in the fortnight of January.

"On January 25, one of the last foreigners showed feverish symptoms along with the Peruvian citizen, who works as a translator for the company that has hired them."

In compliance with the protocol guidelines for facing these contingencies, "the patients were isolated in a specialized area of Dos de Mayo National Hospital," where they will get tested and receive timely attention from the National Health Institute (INS) specialists.


Published: 1/28/2020