Clandestine drug laboratory burned in Peru

17:32 | Pichari (Cusco region), Oct. 4.

Peru's National Police destroyed a clandestine drug-processing laboratory as part of an anti-drug operation held in Pichari district (Cusco region) belonging to the Valley of the Apurimac, Ene, and Mantaro rivers (VRAEM).

VRAEM-based agents —in coordination with anti-drug officers— were in charge of the raid to prevent and fight drug trafficking. 

The laboratory —specialized in the production of cocaine hydrochloride— contained two coca leaf maceration pits to process approximately one ton of coca leaves. 

Some 432 kg of chemicals were found alongside the first maceration pit and settling tank, while 630 kg were discovered in the second. 

Each maceration pit held half a ton of coca leaves. 

Afterwards, in the presence of a Public Ministry representative, the laboratory, one ton of coca leaves, and 2,662 kg of chemicals were burned down by the police commandos. 

The incineration was conducted in accordance with existing legal provisions, safeguarding the area's environment and ecology at all times.


Published: 10/4/2018