China's Xinhua News Agency highlights launch of Peruvian newscast in Quechua

Agencia Xinhua destaca noticiario en quechua de TV Perú

Agencia Xinhua destaca noticiario en quechua de TV Perú

16:36 | Lima, Dec. 7.

China's prestigious national news agency Xinhua highlighted the initiative of Peru's National Institute of Radio and Television (IRTP) to launch a newscast in Quechua.

The Asian news outlet stressed the program will be broadcasted by TV Peru public network "in the ancient language of Incas: Quechua," according to IRTP Executive President Hugo Coya Honores.

Likewise, Xinhua News Agency underlines the widespread use of the Incan language, spoken in Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.

Thus, the initiative marks "the beginning of a real process of cultural origin integration and acknowledgement."

The news show titled "Ñoqanchik" (meaning ‘us’ in Quechua) will be anchored by two journalists, who speak this Native American language as their mother tongue.

The news bulletin was also welcomed and praised by several Peruvian artistic and cultural figures.

It is worth noting the program targets over four million Peruvians who are proficient in the Amerindian language, providing them with varied local and world news.  

"Ñoqanchik" will air simultaneously on Radio Nacional (national radio) and TV Peru at 5:30 AM (local time) starting Monday, December 12. 


Published: 12/7/2016